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The Gift of Essential Rewards


The Gift of Essential Rewards

The Oily Home Companion

Have you taken advantage of Young Living’s Essential Rewards program yet? If your answer is no, you’re gonna want to keep reading. Essential Rewards is Young Living’s monthly auto-ship program that lets you customize your order, select the order day that works for you, and then ship it right to your home! 

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As if that isn’t convenient enough, the deal gets sweeter. Every monthly ER order you place of 50PV or more earns you back a percentage of your order in “points” that you can use toward future quick orders. In nearly every case, $1 is equal to the 1PV. That means you get “rewarded” for buying products you were going to purchase anyways, allowing you to ditch & switch even quicker!  


"This giant box came to my door full of Young Living goodness. Best part? I didn’t pay for it. I simply redeemed points that had collected from my monthly subscription box. I love ordering with Essential Rewards because I can get safe products for my family AND get free stuff!"

- Kayla Perla, Essential Rewards Member

Ditch & Switch With Essential Rewards


Are you wondering where to start and how to start that process we called “ditch & switch”?  Let’s look at something simple! Everyone has to clean their house right? Well, take a look in your cabinet where you keep your cleaning supplies. If it looks similar to what ours used to look like, you probably have one product to clean the mirrors, another to scrub the tub, a different product to clean the toilet bowl, one to disinfect your counter tops in the kitchen, anddddd the list goes on!  How about we simplify?  

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We can still clean ALL the things, but we can do it simply. Thieves. The Thieves line has you covered. Here is an idea of how to reach your 50PV minimum and get your hands on a variety of Thieves ™ Products while utilizing the Essential Rewards Program. Ditch the MANY products and switch to Thieves! Here is an easy order example: Thieves Household Cleaner, Thieves Dish Soap, Thieves Spray, Thieves Hand Purifier for a total of 50.75 PV! You’ll get 5.07 points back if you’ve just joined Essential Rewards. 

Not too shabby right? The ditching and switching will become easier as you get familiar with Young Living’s products. One item that definitely helps the budget is Thieves Household Cleaner. One bottle of this Thieves concentrate makes fourteen 30oz spray bottles! And at $22, the Thieves Household Cleaner ends up costing around $1.50 per 30oz spray bottle! Not to mention, the Thieves Cleaner concentrate often lasts a full year! 

Getting More For Your Money


With Essential Rewards, the exchanges are easy to make and the points you earn back with each purchase enables you to purge your home of toxic products, replacing them with Seed to Seal ones you trust.  In months 1-3 you’ll earn 10% back in points. For example, if you place a 50PV order, you’d get 5 points back! In months 4-24 you’ll earn 20% back in points!! If you place a 50PV order, you’d get 10 points back! In months 25+ you’ll earn 25% back in points!! If you place a 50PV order, you’d get 12.5 points back! Tailor your lifestyle box to your needs that month and watch the points roll in!


Oh and one more addition to the points you are accruing, you can also expect to receive extra gifts during month 3, 6, 9, and 12 just because Young Living is so generous and they love to shower us with oily goods!


Essential Rewards members benefit from exclusive free products throughout the year and reduced shipping costs. It’s seriously one of the best ways to help your family get the most value for your budget.


“Essential Rewards is definitely the reason we've been able to afford to use as many Young Living Products as we do! No credit card or store gives you (up to) 25% back for buying toothpaste, deodorant, laundry soap, supplements, skin care, cleaning products on every monthly order!”

Michael & Rebecca Carpenter, Essential Rewards Members

Afraid of commitment? No worries here! You can cancel your order anytime, but we think it’s unlikely you’ll want to! If you need any help setting up your Essential Rewards, send us a message.