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A Day in an Oiler's Life


A Day in an Oiler's Life

The Oily Home Companion


Mastering how to include all the benefits of Young Living’s Essential Oils into your life and routine can be intimidating at times! Trust us, we get it. There’s so many ways you can enjoy and use them all! But sometimes all you need is a little inspiration from people who really know how to take advantage of YL oils from sun up to sun down. So in an effort to motivate you with some real life routines, we’ve asked some of our OHC members to share different aspects of their days from start to finish, giving you a peek into their beautiful, oily lives! So let’s spend the day together!

Krista Jung

• 1-2 oz of Ningxia Red every day around 10 am has helped me through this Winter with a supported Immune System and gives me energy to get through the day with a toddler! Cheers to that!

• I use Aminowise during every workout! As a personal trainer, I recommend it to every client and friend I have! I do pretty strenuous workouts and sipping this during them gives me the energy to push through! I finish it up within 15 minutes after which helps my recovery immensely.

• I make Thieves wipes by mixing 2 capfuls if household cleaner with warm water to have easy access! I’m constantly cleaning up messes!

• My son knows the routine for Nap time (12:00pm) and bed time (7:30pm) for his oils (Cedarwood, Lavender, and Thieves)! He loves helping set them up! This blend has worked magic for us!

• At 1:00pm While my son naps, I get my computer work done!  Diffusing Stress Away, Peppermint, and Citrus Fresh helps keep me calm yet focused and I love seeing it diffuse into the air!

• I like rubbing this blend of Digize and Peppermint on my tummy! Even better, I ABSOLUTELY love making a capsule with Digize Vitality and Peppermint Vitality to support my digestive system.

• At 9:00 pm I love my Friday facial routine! I start with my Art Gentle Cleanser to get my makeup off (daily!), then I use my amazing Satin Mint Scrub and feel like I’m at the spa! This removes dirt and dead skin cells! Yuck! I then finish with Jojoba oil and Frankincense! It also helps calm me down which is great before bedtime!

Stephanie Johns

• We start our day with oral hygiene. Love thieves toothpaste for the win!

• A cup of coffee or tea is wonderful with a drop of one or more of these Vitality oils!

• Oats and Thieves Vitality for breakfast!!

• Love using Savvy Minerals and knowing they are good for my skin! Toxin-free makeup is so refreshing!

• Love taking Young living supplements!!

• We also diffuse throughout the day to help support all the things that need supporting.

• Progessence Plus and Endoflex are two of my favorite oils to use everyday!!

• We usually diffuse oils during our home school routine. Some of our favorites are Brain Power, Vetiver, Cedarwood and Geneyus!

• Ningxia Red is a great afternoon treat.

• We use Thieves Laundry Detergent and wool dryer balls for toxin-free laundry! Just add a few squirts of your favorite essential oil to the wool dryer balls and toss in the dryer!

• We even use oils when we clean throughout the day!

• Time for a relaxing detox bath!

Marisa Marlow

1. Diffusing Peppermint, Lemon and Frankincense for a early wake up at 6:00 am.  

2.  Maven Lipgloss at 7:00AM  I love the look and feel of Savvy Minerals lipgloss.  They are so versatile no matter your skin tone.

3. My daily Ningxia with Endoflex vitality, microgreens, Sulfurzyme, and Super B.  I take it every morning around 7:00 am.

4. Ningxia Red and MightyVites in the morning before school for us.

5. Lemon oil 2:00PM : My 2 year old likes to get into her sister's colors.  Lemon oil helped me get the markings off that were down our hall today.

6. Slique tea for this Mama in the afternoon is a nice treat.

7. Taco night means homemade salsa.  Tip with using vitality oils, start with one drop at a time and taste.  It doesn't take very much. For stronger oils, like basil, you can dip a tooth pick in the oil then add to your dish.  

8. Chocolate mask 8:30 PM : It's spa night at our house.  This feels so good on your skin, making it feel so soft after you are done.  One trick is to follow the direction and use the double boiler technique. My fifteen year old tried a few months ago, putting it into the microwave.  No Bueno!

Elizabeth Ector

1. When I wake up, I apply Endoflex over my thyroid, and digize in a circle around my belly button.

2. Then I usually pick an emotional blend based on my mood or Frankincense to place in my palms, rub together, cup my hands over my nose and take 3 deep breaths before I spend time reading the Bible and journaling.  I rub the extra over my heart and behind my ears.

3. I love brushing my teeth with Thieves Dentarome Plus toothpaste and washing my face with the Mint Satin Facial Scrub. I’m not a morning person ha, so it helps me wake up and feel fresh!

4. Lavender Lip Balm and Orange Blossom Moisturizer before I start my Savvy Makeup Routine.  Which usually consists of Warm 2 as foundation, Dark 1 as contour, crowned All Over bronzer, Savvy Mascara, and Multitasker as brow filler!

5. I take a shot of Ningxia Red mixed with Red Shot (if I’m lucky) or Thieves Vitality as my afternoon pick-me up.

6. Digize usually goes around my belly button another time after dinner.  

7. Cinnamint Lip balm is always in my purse or pocket on-the-go. If I have a hot date ;) or going out with friends, I like Oola Friends behind my ears and by my collar bone instead of perfume!

8. Nighttime: Thieves dental floss in addition to my morning routine.  

9. I usually have a different blend each night for my diffuser.  One of my favorites is Patchouli, Orange, Vetiver and Clove.

10. Frankincense and Lavender all over my face plus the Acne Treatment Spot Treatment as needed, Digize on my belly (yep, one more time.), Dragon Time on my lower abdomen, Endoflex over my thyroid, and White Angelica on my shoulders (or another emotional blend based on how the day went.)

11. I actually sleep with my oil case in the bed next to me. If I wake up from a bad dream in the middle of the night I grab White Angelica and rub it on my shoulders, over my heart and breathe it in.

Megan Crowell

• Every morning before rushing out the door for school my 4 yo and I each enjoy a shot of Ningxia Red! 7:15am

• Every morning Madi gets “oils on” Thieves down her spine and Peace and Calming (or as she calls it listening and following directions oil) on her forearms and behind her ears to help her listen and follow directions.

• I’ll never be caught without Stress Away in the car, whether it’s traffic, people not pulling over for EMS or someone littering I always seem to need to roll this all over my neck while driving

• A few drops to my corn salsa with lime vitality really makes it pop!

• No fragrance and no sodium laurel sulfate are just two reasons I choose Thieves Dish Soap and Thieves Hand Soap.  #nonastytoxins

• One of the first toxins I switched out three years ago were the things I was washing my baby girl with.  The products I was using before that you’re probably using now are filled with harmful chemicals that cause things like infertility, asthma, cancer and more.  Once I learned about this how could I in good Conscience continue to slather her with chemicals like that! no way!  We’ve been using the Kidscents line for years now and it is so soft on her skin I don’t even need to use lotion on her!

• Thieves on my feet, Frankincense on my face, Endoflex on my throat and Joy over my heart.... errrryday!

Your personal daily routines may look completely different from the oilers above and their unique uses for Young Living oils, but remember–it’s just about finding what works for you and your lifestyle! Start small, and begin incorporating oils into aspects of your regimen, replacing other less natural products for oils to see how they work for you and your family! You’ve got this!

We would love to hear from even more OHC members on how you incorporate Young Living into your daily lives! Write a post and use the hashtag #OHCdayinanoilerslife, and you may be featured in an upcoming Insta post!