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Beating the Winter Blah with Young Living


Beating the Winter Blah with Young Living

The Oily Home Companion

Are you starting to feel done with the dark mornings and cold temperatures of winter yet? The last couple of months in winter can be difficult. There are no holidays to look forward to, you’ve already worn all of your cozy sweaters, and you daily have to overcome lethargy to reach your new year wellness goals.

If you’re starting to feel weary, we are here to help you beat the blah and live out the end of winter with joy and gratitude. Try out these simple tips:

Create a Morning Routine

Waking up and being productive on a cold, dark morning can be tough, but if you can create a morning routine that you enjoy, you will be more motivated to get up and start moving! Set an alarm that is pleasing to hear, instead of harsh, and get in the habit of waking up immediately instead of snoozing your way through another hour. Have slippers or cozy socks waiting by your bed to slip onto your feet and avoid the uncomfortable feeling of your bare feet touching a cold, bathroom floor. Wash your face, brush your teeth, and breathe the refreshing aroma of Peppermint Essential Oil. As you make a cup of tea or warm water, add a couple drops of Lemon Vitality Essential Oil, and then add one of your favorite Essential Oil blends to your diffuser to stimulate your spirit. Before checking your phone or your email for overnight updates, sit in a chair for a meditation practice. This can be spending time in scripture and prayer, using an app for guided breath, or simply expressing gratitude for the things in your life. This routine sets your day off to a good start, but it will become something that excites you each morning. 

Find Joyful Movement

Exercise and movement are important during the winter months, because the endorphin release can increase mood, while the increase of blood flow can fill the body with the warmth it is missing from summer months. Choose a form of movement that brings you joy and makes you feel strong and confident in your body. If it’s running, be prepared with cold weather gear and get outside. If you prefer low-impact movement mixed with breath, try pilates, barre, or yoga. If you live for the adrenaline rush, cycling or HIIT workouts may be for you. If time or money is a concern, no worries! There are many online workouts you can do at any time, from the comfort of your living room! Don’t forget about workout recovery, too, to ensure you continue enjoying your movement even if you get sore. You can soak muscles in a bath of epsom salts and Panaway Essential Oil Blend, or use Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream directly on places that are sore! Go directly to the source with supplements and use Aminowise and BLM to help ease soreness, muscle fatigue, and lessen your recovery time.

Enjoy Healthy Comfort Foods

Your new year’s resolutions to better your health doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the warm, comfort foods of winter. Use fresh ingredients and get creative with substitutes to reduce added sugars, saturated fats, and overly processed ingredients to make your favorite recipes fit into your health goals. Try out soups, stews, chili, and bowls with seasonal veggies. Learning new cooking skills and learning how to incorporate your Young Living Vitality Oils into recipes can also bring joy to your time spent indoors! Check out some of these recipes.

Engage with Community

After the holiday months, it’s tempting to hibernate at home with your cozy blanket and Netflix. Challenge yourself to get outside of your home and enjoy activities with your friends and family. If you’re in the mood for a movie, go to dinner and the theater with a friend! Try out a new indoor activity like painting, rock climbing, laser tag, escape games, or a trampoline park with friends and their kids to laugh and created lasting memories.  

Create Traditions

One part of the winter that makes it difficult is that there’s no big holiday or event to look forward to. You may find yourself planning trips and big parties later in the year, but creating a tradition at the end of winter will help spark excitement and anticipation. Plan an annual ski trip with family, host a Palentine’s or Galetine’s Party for Valentine’s Day with your friends, or simply celebrate snow with hot chocolate and sledding with your family. Find something that is unique and enjoyable for you, and try it out. If it sticks, great! If not, try something different next year!

 There’s nothing you can do to make spring come quicker, but you do have the ability to choose to make the end of winter a time of joy for you and those you love. Try out these tips and beat the blah! If you haven’t already, start by reading our post, Have a Hygge Winter, for even more tips on finding coziness and warmth!