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Have a Hygge Winter


Have a Hygge Winter

The Oily Home Companion

Hygge is a Danish word that is used to describe a special feeling of coziness. It has become a lifestyle of creating an enjoyable environment and special moments through intimacy and connection, whether alone or with others. During the winter, hygge becomes a piece of life that is cherished because the warmth and joy of the lifestyle helps to combat the cold and darkness of the season.

Now that the holidays are over and the temperatures are colder, I encourage you to do like the Danes and get hygge to celebrate the rest of the winter season. Here are some tips: 

Cultivate hygge at home

Creating a hygge environment is the first step. Take time to clean out your spaces, and get rid of the things that don’t bring you joy. Fill your couches and beds with cozy blankets, fluffy pillows, and warm colors. Find a low-light lamp and create a nook in your bedroom or living room for reading. Diffuse a blend of Valerian, Pine, and Orange Essential Oils for a serene aroma. Be intentional about filling your home with joy and peace.

Make time for tranquility

Find rituals that help you love your relaxing time indoors. Take warm baths with your favorite essential oils, like Lavender and Rose, and epsom salts. Not only will you be relaxed, but the bath will help relieve sore muscles and increase blood circulation, which may be able to ease inflammation in muscles and joints. Find a face mask that you is tailored to your skin’s needs, or create one of your own, and give your skin extra care after being outside in dry, cold air. Visit your local tea shop and create a tea station at home with your favorite blends. Enjoy a cup of warm tea while you’re nestled into your couch reading a new book. Since you won’t be spending as much time outdoors, create spaces for movement in your home. Have a space for yoga or an online workout, move the furniture to dance around your living room, or set up an indoor bike for a ride. Create an environment that you’re excited to come home to and spend time in!

Build room for relationships

Don’t forget about community! Relationships and connection are at the core of the hygge lifestyle. Host gatherings in your home with comfort food, engaging conversation, and fun activities, like board games or crafts. If you have children or grandchildren, the winter season is a great time to teach them how to make your favorite family recipes. You can even set up a seasonal book basket, a few floor pillows, or beanbag to encourage snuggle time and reading! And, while staying physically active can be challenging in colder months, consider throwing a family dance party in your living or dining room! Get cozy with your spouse and make the most of your time indoors by creating intimate moments. Diffuse Sensation, Northern Lights, Ylang Ylang, Joy, and Orange essential oils ,or make a homemade massage oil, to encourage feelings of love and affection. Choose to be present and to dig deeper into your relationship. 

Take these tips and start to weave together your hygge lifestyle with the ingredients of community, relaxation, presence, indulgence, and comfort! Happy and healthy winter to you!