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Survival Guide: Essential Oils for your College Life

The Oily Home Companion



I'm throwing it back to my university days (that's me with the bangs and tan bow belt)! When I was a college student, I had heard about essential oils and I knew some “real” adults who used them, but I can't recall any friends using or talking about them. I remember reading articles about lavender and other herbs that had valuable uses and was curious, but never enough to pursue the subject on my own. It wasn't until I attended an essential oils party right after graduation that I started looking seriously into whether this world was something that had value for me.

Now, I use probably 5-10 different oils and several essential oil-infused products each day. Looking back, it's hard not to wonder how my college life would've been different had I incorporated essential oils earlier! These products are the perfect match for a busy college student, so it’s my hope that more people will catch on earlier than I did—it’s never too early to take your health seriously!

thieves popcorn snack.JPG


There were so many late night trips to the grocery store for foods that, while they sounded good at the time, left me feeling bloated, icky and certainly not nourished. But what if there were delicious, healthy alternatives that were just as easy? Maybe that "freshman 15" wouldn't be so pervasive.

Dining hall food, hate it or love it- but our digestive systems sure could use some extra support. Bringing essential oils with you or using them before an after meals is totally doable! Peppermint or Digize Vitality in a glass of water or Essentialzymes (if you’re more the supplement type) would be great additions to your meal routine during your college days.

Two of my go-to essential oil recipes are Thieves Popcorn and Citrus Fresh fruit dip—and both are super easy to make. In fact, they’re probably faster than that late-night guilty pleasure grocery trip. The cool thing is, the Vitality oils used in both recipes are supporting the systems of your body while they’re satisfying that sweet or savory craving. It's a win-win! In college, we often don’t dedicate time to caring about keeping our body’s systems working smoothly (just like we don’t dedicate time to car maintenance—queue your dad telling you to change your oil😂), but essential oils provide that without much of a time commitment.  



Candles were definitely against the rules at my university, a bummer at the time, but now I know that candles aren't great for your air quality, anyway! A better option? Essential oil diffusers. Oils diffused in the air not only cleanse your environment and dispel odors, but they can be specifically selected to change the mood and atmosphere in the room. You can even experiment and make your own blends.  It's SO fun! They're portable and cute, so you’ll probably want to bring your diffuser to every night-in hang or study group. With the wide variety of oils available, you’ll never run out of new scents to try! Whether you need to get energized before class, focus on schoolwork or wind down after a long day, your diffuser can be your bestie.

workout buddies ER Product Rec.JPG


Whether you're a competitive athlete or trying to stay fit on your own, exercise should be a priority during college. Not only is it essential for our bodies, it has a huge impact on mental health, which is so often neglected and strained during the chaos of college. Starting a healthy workout routine while you’re still in school will set you up for success because once you’re “adulting” full-time, it gets busy fast. There are so many Young Living products that will get you energized for your workouts and help your body recover afterwards, too! Essential oils like Peppermint, Raven and RC for before a workout, and Copaiba and Panaway for after. They also have a delicious protein powder, pain cream, and supplements—Young Living is really a one-stop shop.



When I think about what would've been different if I used Young Living during my years in college, the biggest thing is definitely my immune system. It's just the norm for college students to have "something that's going around campus" every few weeks. That's crazy! It seems inevitable because there are so many people living in close quarters, but most people aren’t doing an once of prevention. Ningxia Red is the antioxidant packed whole-body supplement that I wish I would’ve had on hand. Just 1-2 ounces a day, mixed with a smoothie or on its own, and I'm supporting whole-body wellness while getting a delicious treat. There are so many other Vitality oils and supplements that support your immune system, too. If you want to care for your body and get to those classes you’re paying for, I’d suggest integrating Young Living products into your routine ASAP.



The average women applies over 300 toxic chemicals to her body each day through make up, shampoo, soap and hair care products—80 of those are usually used before breakfast. Insane, right?! While you may not be thinking about natural skincare seriously yet, what you put on your skin now will have last effects. Luckily, Young Living has the most beautiful, completely toxin-free makeup line called Savvy Minerals. The foundations are so soft and truly make you feel great in your own skin. Stunning lipstick and eyeshadow colors so you can express yourself without your health paying the price. You can look and feel confident without compromising your skin’s health—who wouldn’t love that?


If you would've asked me to buy essential oils in college, my answer would be quickly, "I can't afford it. They're too expensive and I don't have a job."  But looking back I can see that there are different options and ways to keep it affordable without settling for anything less than Seed to Seal, 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.  Being on a budget in college doesn’t mean you should compromise quality- especially when buying essential oils. Cheap oils are made with so many synthetics and fillers that are unsafe and unhealthy.  When you get the real deal, you start to see real change. I absolutely love Young Living’s Seed to Seal policy, check it out and you’ll start falling fast. Young Living has the highest standards, purest oils and amazing integrity for over 24 years. Below are your options for starting- Any of which you could save up for, or would make great graduation, birthday or Christmas gifts!


1.  Young Living's Premium Starter Kit: you’ll get a wholesale membership (24% off all products) for life, 11 of the most popular oils and a diffuser for under half its retail value. For $160, you're signing up for a lifestyle change with small steps each day, slowly learning how to incorporate your routine.  

2. Basic Membership Kit: only $45 and completely customizable with added products. You pick what you want and get started right away. It also pays for your wholesale membership (24% off).

3. Essential Rewards Program: a monthly wellness box shipped to your doorstep, which is available to all wholesale members. They’re customizable each month and you pick the date it ships to you. 50 PV worth of product and the first 3 months you get 10% back in points, 4-24 months 20%, and then 25% after that! Those points are like cash where you can get products for free! They're kept in your Rewards Points "bank" and don't expire for a full year. It's the most cost effective way to purchase your oils—plus no commitment.

4. Income Opportunity: On top of getting free product promos with qualifying orders each month, Young Living has amazing income opportunity when you share essential oils with others. This is as easy as letting essential oils change your life, your friends noticing your lifestyle change and wanting to learn more. You could have DIY parties, movie nights could have essential oil infused snacks and drinks, facials and sleepovers with essential oils added in the mix. You could not only make money to get your oils for free, but also put some money in the back to help you get through college—we all know that most college students could use some extra cash!


Your wellness should be important at every stage of life, not just when you’re a young professional or having kids. It's never too late or too early to start self-care. Being in college and living lives full of wellness, purpose and abundance is totally possible and integrating Young Living products into your routine is a simply first step. If you're interested in signing up, or even overwhelmed by curiosity and not sure what next steps look like, message me! I'd love to brainstorm with you and figure out how to set you up for a healthy, happy future. The Oily Home Companion is an incredible guide to help you navigate this Young Living journey (throughout college and beyond) and we’d love to help you get started!