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Celebrating Father’s Day the Oily Way!

The Oily Home Companion


BY: Verick Burchfield, OHC Co-Founder

Father’s Day is always a special day for me. Us dads get to feel appreciated in lots of ways—our families take us out for lunch or come over for an afternoon BBQ where we get to show off our grilling skills, our jokes get extra laughs and NO eye-rolls, we get cards and practical gifts like tools, ties, socks and underwear. For the most part, we just relish the time with our family. As a dad of four, I never really have a gift expectation for Father’s Day. Being surrounded by my wife and children, hearing them say that they are thankful for me, is the only gift I need. I believe that most men feel the same way. We don't necessarily want a big celebration, but like our wives, we want to be appreciated.

Nevertheless, Father’s Day is associated with gifting and, as I mentioned above, it can be difficult to buy interesting gifts for the men in your life because, well, he always needs socks, underwear and could use another tie. Every now and then, there is an adventurous dad who needs a new pair of running shoes or a fresh glove to up his game for the local church softball league.

This year, we’re going to help you break out of that gift-giving rut with some natural products that I personally enjoy receiving and can use everyday! Here's a rundown of Young Living products that every man can enjoy and would benefit from this Father’s Day.



This essential oil blend is for all things outdoors. A few drops rubbed onto the chest and inhaled deeply will have your dude powering through his cardio routine like he’s Captain America. Trust me, I’ve used this one for 6 years and it's a game changer!



What dad doesn't need a pick me up midday or on the drive home from work so he can be at his best when he finally gets some family time in the evening? This is the perfect product to keep in a briefcase or gym bag for an extra energy boost anytime—with no sugar crash!



This is a multifaceted product for a multifaceted man: cologne, energy booster, calming for him and attractive to her. Is there any better combination?



What dad couldn’t use a little less stress reducer? This vacation-in-a-bottle is the perfect fit for ending the work day and keeping calm in that rush hour traffic. There’s nothing like dad coming home in a good mood and ready to connect with the ones he loves most.



Now this is an unbeatable trio! If you love the smell of Shutran (and I’m confident that you will) this combo will give your husband the closest shave, smooth and healthy post-shave skin, and the softest beard around. These three products, along with the Shutran essential oil, are all he’ll need for a totally natural shaving kit!


I hope that everyone enjoys this upcoming Father’s Day and that you’ll consider adding these products to go along with that special pair of socks that most men, like myself, can't wait to open from our precious kiddos this June!