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Creating Lasting Memories With Your Family And Friends

The Oily Home Companion


As the years pass by, it seems as if the clock is moving at a speed that's far too fast for our minds to comprehend. Time is absolutely precious, and not a single moment should be wasted, especially with those whom you hold near to your heart.  Memorial Day is a holiday with a lot of history and importance behind it. It's a day to commend and honor those who have selflessly served our country and protected freedom for their loved ones. There's an undeniably significant lesson to be taught from this holiday—never take for granted the freedom we have and commit daily to set aside the busyness of life and show appreciation for those we love. Here are a few simple yet creative ways you can love on your family and friends while creating lasting memories:


We are big believers that you need at least eight positive touches a day for general happiness. It's said that positive touch releases hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin—which are happy hormones. Taking the time to give an unexpected hug, a loving scratch on the back, or even an impromptu snuggle can really go a long way to show your loved one that you care and boost their mood, not to mention your own. Also, in the right context, public display of affection, such as hand holding or a peck on the cheek is a simple and sweet way to affirm your partner and strengthen your bond.


Using your words to express how you feel about your loved ones is absolutely invaluable. While touch is able to communicate many things, words challenge us to be vulnerable, intentional, and specific. Speaking words of encouragement or even taking the time to write a heart-felt letter of appreciation can go such a long way to lifting up your loved ones. When we put our affection into words it affirms those we love clearly and directly, touching their hearts and minds in deep and meaningful way. 


Enjoy cooking? Try pulling out an old family recipe or try one of the recipes we have here.  Food is common ground for everyone whether you are twelve or seventy-five. It is a fun and tasty way to connect.


Pull out the football, baseball, or frisbee. Whatever sport your crew enjoys, get out on the grass and play together. Team sports are a great way to build up your relationships through fitness and fun! 


Whether for a week at the beach or a just a couple days in the mountains, hitting the road and exploring a new place every once in a while will create a lifetime of stories and “you had to be there” moments for you and your loved ones.  Experiences are such these can be some of the most valuable treasures in our lives.