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New Year, New You!


New Year, New You!

The Oily Home Companion

The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on your life and set goals to improve areas that you aren’t satisfied with. Our culture has turned the new year into a time of diets, gym specials, and discounts galore, but we’d encourage you to step away from the noise and choose to set goals that are important and beneficial for you and your family.

New year goals aren’t meant to change you completely, but to be small steps towards a better version of yourself and who God created you to be. Here are a few questions you can ask to reflect and start setting goals:

  • “Am I spending time daily in quiet reflection and prayer, making my relationship with God a priority?”

  • "Am I generous? Am I looking for ways to serve and help others around me?

  • “Am I fully present with my family and friends? Are my relationships healthy and vibrant? 

  • “Do I walk in peace and joy? Do I walk in fear and anxiety? Is my mind always focused on the stressors in my life?”

  • “Am I intentional with my food choices to help me live a long, healthy life? Am I intentional about reducing toxins in my environment to protect my health?”

  • “Am I physically healthy? Do I prioritize my physical health?”

  • “Am I actively pursuing my life calling and using my gifts and talents? If not, is there a way I can begin to do so in 2019?”

As you reflect on these questions, you will discover areas of your life that can use a little focus, so that you can take intentional steps towards the best version of yourself. Once you have your focus areas, use these ideas to create your 2019 goals!

Improve Your Health

  • Prioritize nutrient-rich foods in your diet to nourish your body well and prevent disease. You can schedule a visit with a dietitian or take a course to learn more about optimal nutrition. Instead of going on a restrictive diet, learn about nutrition and try changing one meal at a time. 

  • Learn new healthy recipes and challenge yourself to cook more at home. Try out Young Living Vitality Oils to take your recipes to the next level! 

  • Get an annual check-up with your primary care, naturopath, or functional medicine physician to know your numbers. You can get blood work to check for any nutrient deficiencies, and get a deeper look at your current health status. 

  • If you know where you want to focus with your health, try one of Young Living’s Targeted Nutrition supplements! 

  • Reduce exposure to toxins by switching your household and beauty produce to non-toxic Young Living products. Try diffusing oils instead of burning candles and switch to non-toxic makeup, laundry detergent, cleaners, toiletries, and hair care.

Be Active

  • Find a friend or family member that you can be active with, for accountability and community. 

  • Challenge yourself to move more throughout the day by taking walks, doing squats or pushups each hour at work, getting on a treadmill or bike for part of your lunch break, parking in the back of the parking lot, taking the stairs, doing a yoga flow when you wake up, and planning active days on the weekends for your family. 

  • As you increase exercise, take care of your muscles with the Active & Fit Kit. 

  • Take advantage of new year specials by trying out a few different gyms and studios. Find one that you love, then become a member!

Be Present

  • Create a meditation/prayer routine each morning to remove distractions and center your mind for the day. Diffuse essential oils like Frankincense, Valor, Brain Power or Grounding, to enhance your practice. 

  • Be intentional with feeding your spirit by starting a new devotional, Bible reading plan, or Bible study group. 

  • Unplug to be more present with your family by turning off your phone after dinner each night and prioritizing “screen-free” time to bond together. Instead, try reading books together, playing board games, or DIY crafts. 

  • Stay organized and efficient in your work by buying a planner, creating a schedule for your work each day, setting daily goals, and incorporating essential oils for focus. Try the Clarity or Brain Power blends. 

  • Try adding Young Living essential oils throughout the day to connect deeper to your emotions, thoughts, and sprit. Grab the Feelings Kit to get started!

As you move into the new year, remember that you are perfectly and wonderfully made. God created you with unique characteristics and has given you specific gifts. Celebrate who He is making you to be.  Give yourself grace as you are on a journey and learning as you go is an important part of the process! 

Happy and healthy 2019 to you and your family!