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Back To School Essentials


Back To School Essentials

The Oily Home Companion

Y’all know it’s back to school season! Who doesn’t love the smell and feel of new books and school supplies?! Right now it’s the perfect time to stock up on a few essentials to help kick off the new school year with a bang! 


Focus Roller

Learning should be fun! Try creating this focus roller for your kids whenever they’re feeling like they need a little refresh at school. Here are the oils we’d recommend! With your favorite carrier oil, add 3 drops Cedarwood, 3 drops Vetiver, 5 drops Orange, 5 drops Peppermint, and 10 drops Frankincense. Make it extra fun by letting your kids add their favorite stickers to the roller! That way they’ll be even more excited to use it.




MindWise is an excellent friend to have around for mental maydays! This memory function blend from Young Living supports normal brain function and overall cognitive and cardiovascular health. It's great for ages 4 and older, plus the citrus flavor is a hit with kids and adults! Add it to your kids’ lunches a couple times a week to treat their brains for working hard and staying strong!


KidScents GeneYus


Where are all our teachers? You are heroes, day in and day out, pouring into kids every single day. We know you care about them falling in love with learning because it’ll set them up for a lifetime of success! This season, try diffusing this secret weapon during class time and see what happens. Packed with essential oils Cedarwood, Myrrh, Northern Black Lights (just to name a few), this is an excellent blend to diffuse for young brains focusing on projects.

KidScents Supplements


As hard as you try, we all know we can't control everything our kids might eat. So support those little tummies and bodies with these supplements from Young Living— MightyZyme, MightyVites, and MightyPro!


Immune Buddy


For most of us, cool temperatures are just around the corner! So go ahead and create this immune buddy roller for your littles! With your favorite carrier oil, add:10 drops Thieves, 5 drops Lemongrass, 5 drops Frankincense, 3 drops Copaiba, and 3 drops Oregano. It smells rejuvenating and is packed with essential oils known to be immune system friends! Roll it on your kids’ feet and/or spine every morning and night.

Feather Diffuser


Have you seen this diffuser yet? It has to be the cutest essential oil diffuser ever! Not only is it simple to use, but it also comes with 10 different LED lights, and includes 5 white-noise options! It's a great bedtime companion for all the kids in your family.


Lunchbox Essentials


Make their lunch boxes extra special! NingXia Red singles are the perfect lunch pal—tasty juice (wolfberry, plum, blueberry, cherry) packed with nutrients and essential oils that’ll help them feel charged for the day. While you’re at it, add one to your lunch box too! What’s your favorite lunchbox surprise?



Kids have the soft hair we all dream of. So let’s help them understand the value of taking care of their beautiful locks from a young age. It’s never too early to learn about personal care! Sulfrate-free, KidScents Shampoo contains aloe vera and Tangerine and Lemon essential oils, which helps leave hair feeling baby soft.




We all need daily routines, even our kids! So in addition to calming bath time to help wind down from the day, try diffusing this essential oil blend to help your little ones get ready for bed. SleepyIze is the perfect blend of peaceful aromas to diffuse during bathtime or before hopping into bed.


Tell us—what are your YL must-haves? Are there any items you’re trying out for the first time?