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Stay Grounded With Finals Using Essential Oils

The Oily Home Companion


Finals and testing season can be some of the most stressful weeks of the year for students. Not only is there the intense pressure of passing, but also due to lack of sleep, little self-care, excessive caffeine intake, and more unhealthy snacking over long study sessions, this season can put excessive stress on the body. If this is sounding all too familiar for you or your kids, we have good news! This testing season can be different for you and your family with the help of Young Living essential oils.

1. Calm Your Nerves


One of the hardest parts of testing tends to be the pre-test nerves. Nerves make focusing even more difficult and can induce a stress response in the body that is far from comfortable. Here are a few oils that can help you ditch the nerves as you prepare for a test.

  • Lavender Essential Oil | Lavender is a Young Living favorite because of how versatile it is. You can carry Lavender with you to take a deep breath of this calming oil before you step into your testing room. You can also diffuse Lavender as you study, diffuse while you sleep to help your brain relax, or add to a warm bath for a moment of self-care at the end of a mentally exhausting day.

  • Stress Away Essential Oil Blend | Stress Away is the perfect essential blend to carry with you for a quick stress relief. Simply apply a drop to your wrists or neck before a test to ease the nerves. You can also diffuse this oil blend while you practice yoga or meditation in the morning to settle the brain and calm the body.


2. Stay Focused


Despite this being a short season, it can be hard to stay focused. You’re at the end of the semester, you’ve been studying hard for weeks, you haven’t slept well, and now your brain is slowly slipping into summer mode. Use these essential oils to maximize your focus and end your semester strong!

  • Peppermint Essential Oil | Peppermint oil is a go-to at Young Living because, like Lavender, it is extremely versatile. Dilute with a carrier oil, then apply 1-2 drops to your chest or wrists before a test to sharpen your focus and wake up the brain. Diffuse alone or combine with Rosemary and Lemon essential oil while studying to keep your brain alert and connected.

  • Clarity and Brain Power Essential Oil Blends | These two essential oil blends are perfect for inviting alertness and focus. Like Peppermint, you can apply them to the skin before a test or diffuse as you study or drive to school.

  • Motivation Essential Oil Blend | If you’ve reached the end of testing and are needing that final push to get through, Motivation is there to help. Diffuse it as you prepare for your test, or simply breathe it in as you start to lose your drive to keep going.

  • DIY Roller: Confidence Essential Oil Perfume Blend | It’s easy to lose focus if you are doubting your ability to pass the test. If you need a boost of confidence, make your own perfume blend of Jasmine + Copaiba + Orange essential oils!


3. Support Your Immune System

  • Prioritize healthy behaviors. This one seems like a no-brainer, but we all need the reminder sometimes. Eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated, SLEEP, and avoid the urge to drink excessive amounts of caffeine to stay awake.

  • Super C. Super C is a great supplement from Young Living that uses Orange essential oil to give the immune system a boost during vulnerable seasons.

  • ImmuPro. ImmuPro is loaded with antioxidants from wolfberry and mushroom powders, as well as zinc and selenium. Antioxidants help protect the body from illness by lowering the effects of oxidative stress in the body. As a bonus, ImmuPro also contains melatonin, which may be able to improve sleep!

  • Pure Protein Complete. Too busy to cook a balanced meal? Try a Pure Protein Complete smoothie, mixed with greens and berries! You can choose between two yummy flavors: chocolate or vanilla spice.

  • NingXia Red. Need an energy boost? Instead of grabbing another cup of joe, take an energy-boosting shot of NingXia Red!


4. Gifts for your Teachers


While you may not be thrilled with the tests you are gearing up for, you can still show appreciation to your teachers. They have poured into you the entire semester, and are also feeling a bit of stress as the year ends. Once the test is over for you, they still have to score them, and determine final grades for the entire class. These gifts will help them stay focused and motivated as they close out their year too. Think about it. Do you really want your teacher grading your test with an exhausted, unmotivated brain? Don’t think so!

  • Stress Away or Tranquil Essential Oil Roll-on | Both of these essential oil blends are great to roll on the neck, shoulders, or chest during moments of stress to relieve the brain and create feelings of grounding and peace.

  • Lavender Hand & Body Lotion | One of the best forms of self-care is moisturizing the skin and covering the body with a pleasant scent. Lavender is great because it’s pleasant and helps relax the body!

  • Gratitude Essential Oil Blend | For the teacher that you are most grateful for this year, Gratitude is the perfect way to express your thanks. This can also help the teacher reconnect to their own gratitude for teaching!