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For the Love of Avocados

The Oily Home Companion


Are you a big fan of guacamole? Avocado toast? Green smoothies? Us too! If there’s ever an opportunity to put avocado in a recipe we most definitely will! Not only do avocados look beautiful in your meals, but they are great for your health. Avocados have become such a popular food in the health and wellness community for a reason—they're loaded with vitamins and minerals! Oh! By the way, today just happens to be National Avocado Day, so what better way could we spend it than by celebrate the wonderful benefits they bring us?!

Now, if you already love avocados we don’t need to do any convincing to get you to eat them, but, in any case, here are some great reasons to love them even more:

  • A SUPERFOOD. Avocados have been referred to as a superfood because of their high nutrient value and proven health benefits. They are rich in Vitamin B, C, E, and K as well as folate, fiber, proteins, healthy fats, and potassium. These are important nutrients that function as fuel for your body.

  • A HEALTHY FAT. While there are many people who don't love the word "fat", did you know there are some fats your body actually needs? In fact, fats are included in the three macronutrients that make up a balanced meal, along with protein and carbohydrates. Healthy fats are great for your heart and brain, while some have even been shown to help fight cancer, heart disease, and many other disorders. In particular, monounsaturated fat, found in abundance in avocados, has been shown to prevent insulin resistance and regulate blood sugar levels.

  • HIGH IN POTASSIUM. Often under-appreciated, your body truly needs this mineral. Potassium helps to lower blood pressure by balancing out the negative effects of salt in your body. Now, we're not saying salt is bad for you. Potassium just keeps it in check. Some additional benefits include the regulation of muscle contractions, fluid balance, and nerve signals. It has even been associated with a lower risk of stroke, kidney stones, and osteoporosis. According to the experts, the RDI (Reference Daily Intake) of potassium should range somewhere around 3,500-4,7000 mg. And guess what! One avocado contains about 700 mg of potassium!

  • LOVELY TEXTURE. Whether blended in a smoothie, topped on toast, or mashed into guacamole, avocados provide a rich, smooth texture that will leave your mouth and stomach satisfied.

  • PACKED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS. Avocados contain carotenoids—a group of antioxidant phytochemicals found in carrots and sweet potatoes. Carotenoids have been shown to protect us from UV light as well as environmental toxins such as pollution. Specifically, avocados contain lutein, which is a type of carotenoid known to protect our eyes and skin by absorbing the sun's harmful blue rays. Eating avocados further helps with carotenoid absorption, which promotes glowing skin, healthy eyes, and shiny hair. You can even use it as a face and hair mask! So, while the phrase "beauty comes from within" isn't exactly talking about physical beauty, when it comes to avocados, it is!

  • GREAT FOR DIGESTION. As we mentioned earlier, avocados contain a small source of fiber in them. An average sized avocado contains about 7g of fiber in it. Fiber helps to regulate a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut. Yes, you heard right! Bacteria can be healthy too, and fiber helps to make sure you're body has the right ones. Also, since everybody has to go to the bathroom eventually, fiber at least helps out the process by preventing build-up of toxins in your intestines and colons.

  • LOW IN SUGAR. With less than 1g, avocados easily have the lowest sugar content of any other fruit. For those who have high blood sugar, diabetes, or sugar addiction, it's a great replacement for other higher sugar fruits; and, for those who don't, it's still a great option for reducing your risk of those issues in the future.

After reading this, it's easy to see why avocados have been crowned one of the healthiest foods on the planet! They're rich in nutrients, taste delicious in your meals, promote healthy, glowing skin, and assist your body's everyday functions. So, to punctuate our appreciation for these yummy little fruits, we'd like to share some of our favorite avocado recipes and DIYs below! We know your taste buds and your skin will thank you just as much as the rest of your body!