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Hosting a Fun and Festive Christmas Party

Sarah Hale


Hosting a Christmas party is one of the best ways to give back to your friends, and build your community. This year, take your Christmas party to the next level by adding in fun activities to engage your guests and send them off with lifelong memories!  

Christmas Name That Tune. Create a playlist of your favorite Christmas songs. Play the beginning of each song and either let the first person to raise their hand take a guess, or give them all 10 seconds to write their answer, then tally points to find a winner. To make things extra fun, include a grand prize. We think the Christmas Spirit essential oil blend is the perfect gift for someone who has shown the most Christmas spirit!

Blindfold Cookie or Gingerbread House Decorating Competition. Blindfolds on, tools in hand, and cookies ready to be decorated. This can be done either individually or in small groups, and is sure to bring laughs to everyone in the room, especially the judges! Incorporate some vitality oils into your cookie recipes to give them an extra kick! If people guess which oil is in which cookie, give them a YL prize! 

Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition. This one is a classic, but still a crowd favorite. Have awards for ugliest sweater and most creative, then encourage your guests to go all out! Hint: you can entice your guests with quality awards, like an essential oil roll-on, gift set, or diffuser!

Christmas Charades Game. This one is already created, so it’s perfect for the busy host who doesn’t have much time to create games. Purchase the game here.

Wreath Making Party. If you’re not into silly games, have a wreath-making party! Provide the wire circle, or plain wreath, accessories, and tools. Then, encourage your guests to bring their favorite accessories to share. Craft your hearts out while you share what is bringing you joy and gratitude this season!  

Christmas Scavenger Hunt. Get your guests outside by dividing into teams and completing a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood, town, or city. Ideas: sing a Christmas carol with a stranger, find a Santa, find a house decorated with Christmas lights, kiss (or hug) a friend under mistletoe, find a candy cane, become the animals of a nativity scene, and more! Get creative and get your guests active! Don’t forget to provide prizes to the winning team.  

Christmas Movie Trivia. Create a trivia game with classic Christmas movies. This can be a team competition, or individuals.

What are some of your favorite holiday party traditions? Share with us @theoilyhomecompanion!